Thursday, September 22, 2016

Open Invitation to Upcoming Events

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It's fall. Although the summer heat felt endless at times, fall has finally - and suddenly - arrived. 

My October calendar is blossoming along with the citrus and the yerba mansa. In addition to some private gatherings, I'm scheduled for book signing events that are open to the public. Please join us at any of the following! I will have copies of my book of New River history available - or just stop by and say hello.

On Saturday, October 1st from noon to 2:00 p.m., Old Canon School Museum at Heritage Park in Black Canyon City have invited me to do a book signing.  The museum is inside Canon's former one-room schoolhouse. Here's an opportunity to visit the museum, tour the Heritage Park, and talk history.  The historic schoolhouse, pictured below during its recent repainting and restoration, is waiting to welcome you. While you're there, consider joining the Black Canyon Historical Society. Small town historical societies and museum depend on the support of those who recognize the value of keeping local history alive.

Only twelve miles apart, Black Canyon's history is closely intertwined with the history of New River.  Although the communities had significantly different historical foundations, the cast of characters and the forces of nature largely overlapped. The road that gave life to both communities - the Old Black Canyon Stagecoach Road - forged a link between residents and wayfarers alike.  Many of the original homesteader families intermarried. Local cowboys worked ranches that spanned the region. 

Address:  33955 S. Old Black Canyon Highway, Black Canyon City

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On October 18th from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., I'll be signing books at the historic Wrangler's Roost Resort in New River. The Roost represents not only New River's local history, but the influence of the hospitality industry in Arizona. One of New River's original homesteads, colorful Oklahoma-born Chief Meyers developed the Roost into a guest ranch. Chief sold the ranch to Port and Lois Halle in 1941. The Halle family continued its operation as a guest ranch for several years until selling it to the famous Lew King of Lew King's Rangers television show. 

The site still boasts its original stone lodge and bunkhouse. It is still in operation as a resort and wedding venue. Don't miss the chance to see Wrangler's Roost. It has such an interesting history it merited its own chapter in the book.

Address:  25500 W. New River Road, New River

Wrangler's Roost
Photo courtesy of Lance Halle

For the holidays, look forward to a gathering of authors on central Arizona history at the Old Canon School Museum on December 1st.  Stay tuned!

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